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I saw her the first time when I was young
And I did not know if it was a dream
Or the brief memory of one

And in that dream my legs gave way
When you do not know the strength to run
Or the strength to walk

I do not remember what she wore but I knew her then
The shape rolling from her eyes to her lips
Made every good and true feeling I had towards love

And she looked at me through the eternal population…

Then I knew no time
I did not know its passing or its changing
And I did not know its destruction

And when I am asleep so that I may see her again
And when she comes to me when my eyes close
She touches her cheek to mine and whispers

Good night and sleep then
Let us now know love while we can
Here where time stops for us
Where there is no memory and where there is no fear
And here where I will always love you
Until I wake you in the morning