Our Giants

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In the winter our giants would come
In our end they would walk by our side
And with reason they spoke us to being
A perfection no chance could conceive
Through them we march on forever
And it is us only that they love

They turn our fear into evil which all men must hate
And what we love they make good for all to obtain
Our confusion is their path
And we breath life from their lungs
And without them our breath
Would be pushed out a last time

It is then that we need them
And towards that which all men must face
Some face it alone
And some face it too quickly
And others without any thought
But we will face it with our giants

And when it is upon us and we wait for them
We will look up and see for the first time
Past the place our giants stood
And into our creator’s eyes
The beautiful dust from which we came
And into which we will find our peace