The Artist

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It’s being when you are young
Young and in love but not with anyone
But with life
The life in your song
The life in the air
And the life in your hands
To make
To give
And it gives as all else takes and takes
And takes
And then you see them
And to them it all turns
And through that glory of
They absorb the desire and gift
And when they are gone
In your solitude it has not left you
It hurries to heal
In the dark corner it finds you
In humility it is love
And the love lost is found in the beauty of the light in the dark

And only when you are older and after all
The work was done, then not
Friends communed, then not
Lovers were loved.
Then not

And all the while the gift of light and love
That was told the others brought
Stayed in you
To feed you
To hold you
And to heal you
And you drank up when you were thirsty
And now
Now when you are past her
Or him
And it
And them
And her
You see the heart of life
And of breath and blood
You feel the love inside
The one that burned for it all
That gave you all
The only hurt was the not knowing
Of the source

To feel is to love
And never is the feeling lost

As we hold the memories of the life that bore us
We see what has been
And still is
We know who we were
And who we are