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So Good They Can’t Ignore You


Be so good at something rare and valuable, that they can’t ignore you.

  • Adjacent innovation. Until you are on the cutting edge of your industry, you will not be prepared to discover the next innovation
  • You have to get good before you can expect good work
  • When seeking a new endeavor, look for evidence of financial viability. See if people are willing to pay for this, and if they are not, move one
  • Gaining control over your financial life and work life leads to greater happiness in work than merely following your passion
  • Working right trumps finding the right work
  • Be good and get better at something rare and valuable
  • Build up your career capital which will allow you to make the moves you want to
  • Don’t just spend time doing something, spend time stretching yourself doing it and getting better
  • Build up career capital in what you do, so that when opportunities come your way you’re prepared and ready
  • If you only show up and work hard you will plateau
  • Make little bets, and based on what happens with those little bets, you will know with what to proceed